Alternatives to a Bikini

Long gone are the days when the only choice of swimsuit was the bikini or the one piece. The evolution of style and the body types of women have created many alternatives to the sexy bikini. As a matter of fact, only 18% of women even plan to wear bikinis this summer due to the growing number of swimsuit options that flatter more body types. From tankinis to boy shorts, the bikini is no longer the only sexy swimwear wholesale option for women.


Several years ago, the tankini emerged as a fun alternative to the popular bikini style. In styles ranging from halter to simple spaghetti straps, the tankini offers a sexy solution for women seeking to cover the midriff area. For those that want to show off their abs, the tankini also comes in a variety of cropped styles. There is even a one-piece crossover style called the monokini that gives the illusion of a bikini with sheer fabric or cords of fabric covering the midriff area.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts offer a sexy alternative for women seeking to cover up more of their bottom half. It is also a more relaxed style, giving women the ease of being sexy and comfortable at the same time. Boy shorts come in a variety of styles, ranging from the more conforming brief to the longer, looser short style. Choose the style that highlights your best attributes.

  Classic One Piece

The one piece is now sexy. More women are opting for the one piece today not only because it flatters many body types but because it comes in many sexy styles. Lots of one pieces today have fashionable ruching that conceals problem areas, while still letting you flaunt fabulous legs and arms. For those seeking to show more skin, sultry cut-out styles reveal and highlight your best curves in the abdominal area.

Swim Dress

The swim dress is an adorable swimsuit style that has re-emerged in recent years. It is a perfect blend of a classic style and the flirty, playful fashion of modern times. Its feminine ruffles bring out the girl in anyone. The swim dress comes in a variety of styles, ranging from very short to mid-thigh. Whether you choose a spaghetti strap, halter or strapless style, the look is carefree with the bonus of extra coverage.

What Is the Body Fat Percentage of Fitness Models?

The cut physique and impressive lines of a fitness model are the result of paying consistent attention to diet and exercise. One result is a body fat percentage that can be considerably lower than average, often on par with professional athletes. Although body fat percentage isn’t the only important metric for healthy body weight, it’s useful for comparison. For the average person, however, the body fat percentage of a fitness model is an unrealistic goal. About Body Fat Percentage Body fat percentage is a measure of how much of your body weight consists of fatty tissue, as opposed to organs, bones and lean tissue. It’s a better measure of healthy weight than your weight in pounds, because muscles are denser than fat. A professional athlete often weighs more than an overweight person of similar height. According to The American Council on Exercise, normal body fat percentages are between 18.5 to 24.99 percent for adult men and women. Note that in this case, “normal” means normal and healthy, not the most common percentage for the U.S. population. About Fitness Models Fitness models differ from fashion models in terms of the kinds of jobs they take and what they must do to get those jobs. Fashion models often strive for a look so thin that they look unhealthy, but fitness models must maintain a svelte body with good musculature and defined lines. To maintain this body type, fitness models maintain a daily regimen of exercise, diet and nutrition supplements. Many practice “extreme” weight-loss methods, such as water restriction, crash dieting and purging as they prepare for an upcoming shoot or appearance. These practices are inherently unhealthy and should not be an example of how to lose weight or maintain a fit and healthy body weight. Body Fat Percentage for Fitness Models The exact body fat percentage for fitness models varies. A model with a naturally ectomorphic frame may have a higher body fat percentage than an thicker model who had to train harder to get cut. According to Marc Perry, fitness expert and CEO of Built Lean, female models in shape for a shoot have a body fat percentage between 15 and 17 percent. Male models generally measure between 6 and 7 percent body fat. Comparison The body fat percentage rate for fitness models is low compared to a normal, or healthy range of body fat. According to the American Council of Exercise, it falls slightly above the range of “essential fat” necessary for bodily functions, which is 10 to 13 percent for women and 2 to 5 percent for men. A fitness model’s low body fat can still affect the healthy functions of the body, including a woman’s reproductive functions. Male performance athletes maintain a body fat percentage around 6 to 13 percent. Female athletes range from 14 to 20 percent. Because of the health risks of maintaining such a low body fat percentage, fitness models often follow the practices of professional bodybuilders. They maintain an athletic body weight level prior to an engagement, then work to shed the last fat just for the swimwear wholesale

How to Soothe Razor Burn & Bumps

According to a study reported in the “Huffington Post,” women dedicate more than 1700 hours to shaving in a lifetime. Shaving is not only time-consuming, but it can also be painful — especially when uncomfortable razor burn and bumps present as unwelcome side effects. The culprits range from a dull blade to sensitive skin to over-shaving; but no matter the cause, treatments exists to help lessen the pain and itchiness associated with bumps and burns.

Step 1

Wash the affected area with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap to remove bacteria, dirt or debris. Pat skin dry with a clean towel.

Step 2

Squeeze a pea-size amount of hydrocortisone cream onto your fingertip, and then gently dab a thin layer over razor burns or bumps. Rub the cream in lightly and let it soak into the skin for a few minutes.

Step 3

Apply antibiotic ointment over the hydrocortisone cream. This will help to stave off any infection that may occur from inflamed skin. Wash and apply hydrocortisone and ointment twice daily until bumps or burns clear.

Step 4

Apply a cool or warm compress over bumps to soothe itchiness. Do not scratch or pick at razor burns and bumps, as this will slow down healing and could cause infection.

Step 5

Avoid tight-fitting clothing as much as possible while burns or bumps heal. Avoid tight pants or abrasive fabrics like wool if your legs are irritated; stick with loose tops and little deodorant for inflamed underarms. For the sexy swimwear wholesale bikini line, wearing breathable, loose-fitting underwear will lessen the pain.

Step 6

Do not shave the affected area until bumps or burns have healed. Shaving over affected areas not only can worsen the pain, but can cause bleeding and hinder healing.


    If symptoms do not subside in two to three days consult your dermatologist or general practitioner. This may be a sign of infection.


    For added relief, store hydrocortisone and antibacterial ointment in your refrigerator. The cooling sensation will provide added relief from burns.

    Toss out old, dull or rusty razors. Razor life depends on the brand you use; throw out disposables after one or two uses and change out blades on reusable razors as directed by the brand. Clean razors in between use by pouring rubbing alcohol over them and setting aside after you shave.

    Always shave at the end of your bath or shower. Hairs are softened by warmth and heat, making it easier to shave.

    Use a good amount of shaving gel to prepare your skin.

    Apply a scent-free lotion or body oil to freshly shaved areas to keep the skin hydrated and prevent razor burn. For the bikini area, apply lotion and wait 5 minutes; then sprinkle baby powder over the bikini area to lessen friction between undergarments and your skin.

How to Get Wax Off Skin

Waxing is a quick and inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair, but it doesn’t always go as smoothly as you might hope. Sometimes — especially if you are a beginner — you manage to get the hair all yanked out, only to have little patches of leftover wax that are even harder to get rid of than the hair. Relax: Removing wax residue is not hard. You can remove leftover wax several different ways, none of them requiring a trip to the salon or the emergency room. Removing hair wax is a lot less painful than removing actual hair.

Step 1

Soak a clean washcloth in hot water. Be careful not to make it too hot because your skin is probably already a bit irritated from the hair removal process. Place the hot, wet cloth on the wax residue and let it sit for a minute. This should soften the wax enough for you to be able to wipe it off with the washcloth. Short scooping motions work swimwear wholesale

Step 2

Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad in olive oil, baby oil or mineral oil. Blot the leftover wax until it is thoroughly soaked with the oil. Oil tends to dissolve wax, and this method is very gentle on your skin. Wipe the wax away with cotton balls or pads.

Step 3

Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to the wax residue. This is a simple and less messy method for particularly hard to reach areas. Let it sit for two to three minutes, and then wipe it away with a cotton ball or pad, or hot, wet washcloth. Use a drop or two of degreasing dish soap on a damp washcloth to clean off the petroleum jelly.

Step 4

Invest in a commercial wax remover if nothing else works. They are formulated to remove wax residue, and many contain skin softeners as well. Follow the directions on the bottle or jar to remove the wax.


    Never scrape at or try to peel off wax residue, because it can take some skin with it.


    Try holding an ice cube on the wax residue for 20 to 30 seconds. This method works to remove wax from furniture and fabric, so it might make the wax brittle enough to flake off your skin.

How to Exfoliate the Pubic Area

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin by scrubbing. Reasons for exfoliating the pubic hair area, also called the bikini area, include preventing ingrown hairs after shaving and preparing the area to be waxed. Tranquility Day Spa of Watertown, Massachusetts recommends exfoliating the bikini area before coming in for a wax. Not only does this leave you clean and fresh for the procedure, it helps the hair come out easier.

Step 1

Step into a warm shower and clean your pubic area with a gentle soap. Stand under the water for a few minutes to open up the pores.

Step 2

Apply a dime-sized amount of exfoliating facial cleanser to a loofah or body brush. Blush Skin Care of Austin, Texas recommends using a cleanser with 2 percent salicylic acid. The exfoliants in the cleanser may be microbeads, ground walnut shells, ground apricot kernels or salt.

Step 3

Scrub your sexy swimwear wholesale bikini area gently in a circular motion. If you are exfoliating before a wax, wash the entire surface on which hair grows. If you are female, do not exfoliate the inner labia.

Step 4

Rinse your skin well with warm water and pat it dry with a soft towel.

Step 5

Do not apply body lotion to the area prior to a wax. If you are exfoliating after shaving or several days after waxing, you can apply a light coat of body lotion if it makes your skin feel more comfortable.

How to Keep Your Side Bra From Showing

A top with wide armholes, like a tank top, gives the world a peek at your side bra any time you raise your arm higher than your shoulder. Other factors that cause peeping side bra are ill-fitting underwires that force the breast tissue to pool under the arms and wearing clothes the wrong size. Regardless of the reason, showing any part of your bra is unstylish and embarrassing. Keep your bra hidden by making a few adjustments to your wardrobe choices.

Step 1

Examine the armholes of any sleeveless shirts before buying them. If possible, try them on first with the bra you plan to wear with it. Avoid buying shirts or dresses with large-gapped armholes.

Step 2

Tighten the armholes of a shirt by stitching it up 1 inch along the seam. This makes the armhole smaller and hides your bra. Take the shirt to a seamstress if you do not like to sew.

Step 3

Place double-sided tape on the outside of the side bra and tape it to the inside of the shirt to keep it in place.

Step 4

Wear a sports bra, bandeau or smaller tank top over your regular bra. Choose a sports bra in a similar color to your top or a bandeau or tank top in a contrasting color for extra style points.

Step 5

Visit a sexy swimwear wholesale lingerie or department store and have a bra fitting. Wearing the wrong size bra could mean your bra is resting too high on your sides. You should wear the right sized bra for the best fit and comfort.

Step 6

Select a bra with deeper cups. Deep cups allow the breasts to rest in the front of your chest rather than slipping under the arms.

Step 7

Keep a cute jacket or overshirt handy if you wear a shirt that gaps in a public place.

Valentine’s Day Suggestions From a Lingerie Insider

When it comes to sexy, Jennifer Zuccarini is the expert. Formerly the creative director and co-founder of Kiki De Montparnasse and the design director of Victoria’s Secret, she’s now at the helm of two-year-old Fleur du Mal, a provocative ready-to-wear, wholesale bikinis lingerie, and accessories line. With that background, the gal knows a thing or two about what’s hot. So who better to talk to about how to heat things up for Valentine’s Day? Here, Zuccarini shares five ideas for a frisky V Day gift, just in case you’re looking for something that’s a bit more creative this year:

The Cocktail Ring. Betony Vernon Sterling Silver and Ostrich Feather Tickler Pleasure Puff Ring.  A feather tickler that is also a stylish cocktail party accessory. Best paired with a blindfold behind closed doors…you little minx.

Goldfinger. JimmyJane Little Gold vibrator in 24K gold (diamond studded edition available). Vibrators can look so not chic. Thankfully JimmyJane’s Little Gold is sleek, lovely, and favored by none other than the Kate Moss.

Lo-Fi Lover. Not a toy per se, but tying someone up is titillating and relatively simple. A silk bondage rope is an option, but a necktie will suffice. (Make mine Tom Ford.)

Undressed and Ready. For the perfect outfit to match your new playthings, I suggest the Lace Bondage Bra and Lace Bondage Panty, with a Silk Blindfold by Fleur du Mal.

Paul Seville Lace LeatherVanity Paddle for a good spanking.

How to Wax the Bikini Area

Purchase a home wax kit that says sexy swimwear wholesale bikini area on the package. A kit that includes an oil or lotion to apply after waxing is a good idea.

Take a pain reliever to make the procedure more bearable, especially if this is your first wax. Waxing is painful, but the result is very attractive and often even more comfortable.

Clean your entire private area with mild soap and very warm water. This will lessen the chance of skin infection or irritation. The warm water opens the hair follicles and eases the removal of the hair.

Trim the hair that you will be waxing to 1/4-inch long. This is all the wax needs to adhere, but it must be at least that long.

Apply the wax to the desired area according to the package directions. Most home kits use a cloth strip. Press this strip to the wax, press, rub it to ensure that it has adhered, and quickly pull it away from your skin in the direction the hair grows. Always remember to hold the skin taut with your other hand while pulling the strip off. Tweeze any stray hairs when you are finished with the wax.

Rub the soothing oil or lotion onto the bare skin. This should help you avoid rashes, ingrown hairs or bumps.

How to Pick a Brazilian Bikini Style

Know that Brazilian bikinis vary depending on whether you’re buying an authentic bikini from Brazil or a similar version in the U.S. U.S. Brazilian bikinis sit very low on your hips. Traditional Brazilian bikini bottoms are cut much higher on the hips and cover significantly less skin in the back.

Consider the Brazilian cut to be between the thong and standard wholesale bikinis bottom. Part of your backside will show.

Know that you need to be in good shape to wear a Brazilian bikini. It’s so skimpy that you shouldn’t wear it if you’re overweight—it’s not flattering.

Choose the Brazilian bikini you like the best. They come in all kinds of colors and styles. Some have ties and other embellishments, too.

Pick the bathing suit you feel most comfortable wearing. That’s the most important thing to keep in mind. You don’t want to buy a bikini that you’re embarrassed to wear.

Treatment for Ingrown Hairs on the Bikini Line

 Keep it Clean    If ingrown hairs on the bikini line enlarge and become infected, they can cause scarring. The area should be washed with a gentle antibacterial cleanser immediately following removal and as often as possible in the following days. A body brush or loofah should be used to remove the dead skin cells that can worsen ingrown hairs. Sweat and body oils can increase the instance of ingrown hairs on the bikini line. The use of an astringent containing alcohol will further keep the area bacteria-free.

    Specialty Products    There are products on the market made specifically for treating ingrown hairs that work especially well on the bikini line. Sally Hansen makes “Zero Bumps” in cream and pads. Tend Skin is a popular post hair removal solution that is also available online and in many beauty supply stores. Additional lotions and gels for ingrown hairs are sold in local drugstores.

    Medicine Chest     Since ingrown hairs have similar components to pimples, acne remedies with benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid are helpful. Hydrocortisone cream can be used to alleviate the swelling. Antibacterial creams like Neosporin can be applied to help keep the area from becoming infected. Aloe vera (in lotion or gel) is soothing and can help heal ingrowns on the sexy swimwear wholesale bikini line.

    Prevention       There are ways to help keep ingrown hairs from appearing on the bikini line in the first place. Make sure the area is cleaned and exfoliated. Always use a clean razor when shaving and shave in the direction of the hair growth. When tweezers are used, the hairs should be gently lifted out and not pulled.

    Considerations    Laser hair removal and electrolysis have less of a chance of causing ingrown hairs. They should be considered for bikini line hair removal. Though they may cost a bit more, the methods are often permanent.